The Box- my best promo ever Jul13


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The Box- my best promo ever

As I type this the FedEx crew is busy delivering “Tree People” boxes to 300 lucky recipients.  The recipients are carefully selected Art Buyers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, and Photo Editors at agencies and magazines around the country.  The phones have already been ringing in response!

The promotional piece is a slide lid wooden (Cedar) box that contains eleven 8×12 fine art custom prints that I made personally (3300 in total).  The images are wrapped with a canvas strap (that I printed) and they are interleaved with glassine sheets.  Also accompanying the images is a note from the artist that read as follows:

It was a place for play, adventure, and escape. It was a place of secrets,mysteries, and wisdom. It was a place as big as one young boy’s imagination.

The place was the woods. And I was that boy.

The woods, of course, still exist. Yet, unlike me, they’ve not seemed to age a bit.  They hold all the same magic, all the same intrigue they once did. Tree People isa collection of images of trees throughout America.  Some are incredibly unique.  Some extremely rare. All amazing. In addition to the trees, I’ve featured body-painted models that become an extension of the environment, but also an extension of reality—much like the extended reality that consumed me as a child in the woods.

I’ve assembled many collections in my years as a professional photographer, but Tree People is particularly dear to me. It represents more than my photographic skills. It represents my love of the woods, then and now.

Tree People is special, as well, in that what you’re holding is one of only 300.  Each photograph is a giclee print that I personally printed on Exhibition Fiber Paper.

I hope you enjoy Tree People as I much as I enjoyed creating it.


Check out the series on the main website.Once again, much praise goes to Jen Seidel for her sublime body-painting, and to the models: Tera Jones “Siren”, Joshua Allen “Septuplets”, Elise Adams “The Nest”, Maritza Rodriguez “de Vine”, Amanda Jewell “Amber”, Devin Meade “Alpenglow”, Shannon Semesky “Verde”, Stephen Hinton “Selvagem”, Samantha Cook “The Perch”, Duke Stokes “Methuselah”, and Clark Vandergrift III “Feral Boy”.  Special thanks also to Janice Kinigopoulos for her talents in turning the clean shaven Duke Stokes into the long-haired and heavily bearded “Methuselah”.